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we want to give you information about our company and services.


The main focus of our business activities is the development of individual software. schoenhammer software covers the complete software life cycle from planning, implementation and training, to maintenance and support of the installed software.

Since 1997 bit field technologie develops and maintains the Te.Ma.S Products. The increasingly intensive cooperation with our partners has resulted in a growth in our field of activity far beyond of this. So we decided to return to our original name schoenhammer software. But we continue to offer our tank farm related services under the name bit field technologie.

schoenhammer software / bit field technologie— a bit of history

  • 1985 – 1990 Schönhammer Software, Berlin
  • 1990 – 1997 Schönhammer Software GmbH, Berlin 1
  • 1997 - 2000 bit field technologie - Albrecht und Schönhammer GbR, Berlin and Lemgow 2
  • 2000 - 2016 bit field technologie, Lemgow 3
  • 2016 - schoenhammer software (incl. bit field technologie), Lemgow




Development of –tailor made– individual software

Before starting the development of individual software we analyze the existing Open Source Software carefully. The adaption and integration of open source moduls can save a lot of work. This leads not only to shorter development times, but the fact that these moduls are installed many often already, means, that they are testet and proven to work reliably. We always can resort to the specialist support of our partners not only in software related matters but also in application-relevant issues. Please have a look to individual software -- do we need it still today? also.



Amongst others we offer consulting services for:

  • Use of Linux
  • Use of other Open Source Software e.g.
    • LibreOffice (the Free Office Suite)
    • PostgreSQL and other databases
    • tryton (the General Purpose Application Platform, the base for a complete business solution)
  • Software for tank farms (please see bit field technologie)
    • Automation
    • Administration
    • Interfaces to external systems



If you want to work with software professionally every day, you should also learn how to handle it!

We carry out workshops and seminars for our TeMaS products, Linux and other software (e.g. LibreOffice), so that:

  • You will learn to use the software efficiently.
  • You can also master unusual situations of everyday life with the help of the software.
  • Work not only professionally, your results are also professional.
  • You are capable of formulating precise questions so that our hotline can help you quickly.



On request, we offer you a maintenance contract for our software. This can also include a „hotline“ offer. The scope of this support offer should be defined in a personal interview.



1 main product COTAS – more than 50 installations eg. VEBA/ARAL, MOL (Hungary), GALP (Portugal)  

2 Development of Te.Ma.S – Software – “from scratch” – first installations for VEBA OEL  

3 continuing development of Te.Ma.S – Software – some dozens of installations from Finland to Portugal  


Our Partners


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